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    PIN for Retailer Sim


      The default pin for my retailer sim is still the one out of the box, and I am able to to use the sim n loading customers.  However, I let two month's time when I did not reload this sim.  After that time, I have the sim reloaded with 500 pesos.  The dealer's phone showed that 500 pesos has been transferred to my phone.  The problem is, when I sell load to a customer, the phone says check operator services.  I loaded air time to the sim, but the loader's phone says my sim is no longer active.  How then did the distributor able to transfer 500 pesos to my sim (I paid him 500 pesos) when the sim is already inactive?  Is there a way for me to recover that 500 pesos?  I am going to buy another retailer sim but this experience made me have second thoughts.  Can anyone in Globe help me in this matter?  500 is a small amount, but when it's taken from you without your consent makes you feel like you're being cheated or robbed!