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    Globe Prepaid User -> unable to purchase in-app product -> "Payment Unsuccessful"


      Hey guys,


      I've notice there have been a lot of problems related to my question. Yet there is no clear answer. So lemme start from the beginning.


      I am a Prepaid User. There is an in-app product that I would like to purchase on an online mobile game. So I went to a load retailer and purchased a P500 load. And went online to proceed to buy the in-app product and was given a choice of payment. Naturally, I chose "Globe Telecom Billing Account". After filling up some basic information for the requirements. My Globe Balanced finally showed up. Yet when I pressed "Buy" button the system gave me an error saying "Payment Unsuccessful".


      So I tried to verify my Globe account by logging in the www.globe.com.ph to view the details of my account and when I finally logged in. My prepaid sim balance was present and now I'm confused to what's causing the error of my purchase. Is there a way to verify my Globe account if it is valid to to purchase in-app products on Google Play Store?


      Looking forward to your response guys.

      Thank you!