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      It's been ten days now and my applicatiin is just in the for approval phase. I applied online on 8/16 got a call on 08/17 and was requested to submit coe which i submitted the same day. 8/18 i received an update that my application is in processing status. 8/23 still no update. Reached globe through phone call and fb chat and was informed that the hr number is not responding and so I informed them to email instead as the verifications are done throguh emails and not calls.They also gave me a reference number in that day. 8/24 I was informed by globe through call that an email was already sent. On the same day I asked our HR and escalated the request so they can respond on the same day but was informed that no email was received from globe. Tried reaching out globe again and no definite answer was given. Next day 8/25 , I received an email from our HR that they have provided employment verification upon receipt of the request in that day which means no email was sent from globe to our HR on 8/24 opposed to what the globe agent had told me. I called globe again on that day (8/25) and asked to update my case/reference number indicating it to be expedited as it already took 9 days and I need the plan by 8/26 for I will be out of town for a week starting 8/27. 8/26 at around 10am, the agent called me and verified details of my employment verification and  somewhere during the call ,line was cut and I received no call again. I decided to call globe and ask for update. I provided the reference number and the person on the line told me that the case was closed with no reason indicated. She then escalated the case and directed me to a customer care attendant. The attendant then told me that a different case number was open for my case which was created on 8/24. Which likely means that the update on the first reference number (8/23) provided to me was not moved to the new reference number (8/24). Which also means, that the request to expedite the process was ignored. I've been very patient for the past 9 days and this 10th day I want a concrete answer that I can claim my plan with device today (8/26) before I go iut if town tomorrow (8/27). I AM HOPING SOMEONE FROM GLOBE NOTICE THIS and give me a concrete answer.