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      Hi, All!


      I have questions when it comes to my LTE SIM.


      Before I am using just the regular sim card from globe. But I got intrested to upgrade it to LTE sim since I can still keep my old number. So I did it I follow the instructions on how to activate the sim after I receive the code I put the LTE sim to my Iphone 5s but I did not receive a confirmation to put the code so I inserted the LTE sim to my regular phone and I was able to complete the upgrade. But when I put the LTE sim back to my iphone it will not work anymore it will show searching. I already visit the globe store and change the simcard but still has the same issue. Can someone help me because my phone is not working anymore with any regular globe simcard.

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          Same problem, too. Can it be because my iPhone is locked to Japan's Softbank? Or is there any other way to correct that "No service" problem? However, the SIM works on my Nokia de-keypad na cellphone. Please help us.