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    pre-termination/recontracting complaint


      I had an issue reported regarding my pre termination/recontracting, the agent did not disclose an amount when I called for recontracting that resulted to my 2nd bill reflecting an amount of around 9,000+ which shocked me, since I know I already paid the fees agreed during the call when I got my new phone, I even called 4x to confirm the amount to pay. I waited for almost a month and the loyalty departments findings as expected is that the agent who called me failed to disclose a fee amounting to 9,500. the sickening part here is that they are obliging me to pay for this despite the error made by the agent and the option they gave me is to deduct the amount for either 9 or 24 mos the amount in my bill, if i had known this and was disclosed when I am transacting with the agent I will not pre-terminate my current plan. Is this business pratice of globe loyalty department? The customer will pay for the mistake made by the agent? I did not agree to it.