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    Globe Rewards not available for my new sim? sim


      I recently bought a new globe prepaid LTE sim and found about globe rewards. It says on the website that all globe users are already registered to the program.



      But as i checked by texting bal to 4438, it says:


      "Thank you for your interest in Globe Rewards. This program is currently open to Globe Prepaid, Postpaid and TM consumer accounts only. To learn more about the Globe Rewards mechanics, please visit http://globe.com.ph/rewards or call 211 on your mobile phone."


      Using the Globe Rewards app, i get the error:

      "Subscriber is not subscribed to any loyalty."


      And finally, in Globe Rewards section in SIM toolkit, i get a message that simply says "coming soon"


      Is anybody having the same problem? What is going on with globe?