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    No data from SIM card



      We have a modem using Aeris SIM card connecting to your server but we do not see data.  We have a total of 3 SIM cards that were working (youre a 3rd party provider for Aeris) and then stopped.  Nothing changed, no firmware updates or location. 

      This is the diagnostic reply from modem "ML;2012-01-03 11:27;71150032;082;29;0;480;;01.06.70;GE910-QUAD-V3;16.00.303;Globe Telecom-PH;89185014121800148356;8.09;17.17;0.00 ICCID 89185014121800148356" 

      It connects to Globe Telecom-PH and its ICCID 89185014121800148356, could you please make the necessary adjustments to allow data to come thru?

      I have been working with Aeris for over a month with no luck, I hope you can help!

      Thank you