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    New postpaid plans (The Plan)


      Hi guys,


      Please comment regarding changes on the postpaid plans. I'm quite disappointed in the new setup specially for the data cap. I'm currently enrolled in 1799 plan and I get much flexible option in using my allowable internet cap than the new plans. For the 1799, you only get 6GB of data and 10GB of GoWatch. For people who are using their phones for their work, this is good since you are only allowed 6GB as your max data cap. 10GB data would be wasted if not used. Hope there is a kind of plan that would let you use your allocated data as you prefer like the previous plans.

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          I think you can still customize your plan by removing the GoWATCH pack (399 = 10GB). Then use this amount to get a higher GoSURF pack and/or increase the AddSurf packs.

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            I'm not sure but they offer additional 499 = 8gb (instead of just 4gb) but only for those 999 go surf.

            But that's an ON top charge.


            Even the add surf of 99 pesos is only 1 gb.


            You can use the gowatch of 10gb for other purposes but it's a gray area.

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                Yes. That's what I have. I'm currently on Plan 1799 and I get 11 GB data. 8GB and 3 additional 1GB (deducted from consumables). Why not set the 10GB go-watch data consumable from just for go-watch to anything? It will just be the same. 10 GB data is a big plus for those users which use their data plan for almost anything especially for those at work. I'm using my data for my work emails and remote connections when Im out of the office. I hope the 10GB gowatch data can be reallocated for other uses. Not just for watching/video streaming.

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                    Gowatch is 399 right? Of you change it to anything, I think walang go surf



                    299 gives you 1.5gb data.

                    Much better kung 99 x 3 = 3gb


                    Medyo ironic no.


                    1799 you should be getting the offer of


                    999 = 8gb

                    499 addsurf = 8gb (promo of 4gbx2)

                    Total of 16gb


                    I guess if you just want pure data.


                    May natira kang 301 for consumable. Yung adsurf na 99 kasi I think it's an

                    on top of your bill charge.


                    At 99 pesos for 1 gb.


                    Much better if bili ka ng prepaid sim for additional gigabytes. Mas mura



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                        Exactly. Napa Ironic nya. My reason for choosing globe over smart is their plans are more flexible and have better options. Unlike smart that i get high data consumable but i dont get unlimited calls/text. Globe incorporated calls and text features with a bigger data consumable, which made me choose it over smart. I call/text and data a lot.