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    Concern about plan 1799


      Good day, I just want to ask about my plan. I work as an office staff in a distributor company. Now, one of the supplier issued me plan 1799 with my name and promised to pay half of the bill but unfortunately they transferred to another company(distributor). Can I ask if pwede ba ma-stop yung plan and ibalik yung phone ? Di na kasi kaya sa wallet ko, bumaba rin sahod eh ? Answer me please or give me some idea. I really have no choice na. Thank you!

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          If you are within contract and you want to preterminate, then Globe would charge you a pre- termination fee depending on what's left in your contract. They will let you keep the phone as they have no use for it and they would just charge you the amount equal to the remaing period of its amortization.;


          Remember that there is no such thing as a free phone from the carriers... the subscriber actually pays for it over the period of the subscription and is usually around 30% to 40% of the cost of the plan.