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    need advice


      mag end ung 24mnth lock in q ng december 2017.. im planning to renew.. will i be getting a new phone or not?? im in a plan 1499 mobile postpaid..

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          No such thing as a free phone, Once you renew a plan, the cost of the phone is integrated with the cost of the plan. If you plan not to avail of a phone (sim only plan), then Globe would let you choose extra services corresponding to 30 to 40% of the cost of the plan..


          Since 1994 I have chosen either bill rebates or extra services and I would just get the phone from outside... smae cost but open line.

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            If you are expecting for a free phone then you would be disappointed. The phone they give you is always included in the plan and technically it is not free. Globe's loyalty program doesn't offer any freebies as what their agent has told me. The only thing you'll get for the loyalty program is that you are prioritized when you re-conract and 100% approval as what their agent told me.

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              it's much better to avail bill rebates and get a new phone separately.