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    Globe prepaid billing option on Google Play Store Apps


      For 2 years or maybe even more, I have been using Globe Telecom (my prepaid sim) as a way to purchase in app purchases in "Marvel Future Fight", just this year I have used it several times already. Until recently, what was bad became worse. First the app doesn't let me use globe to charge for the in-app purchase I wanted to do, tried searching for ways to solve this problem but there was no answer to it, several customers of globe had the same issue but for some reason, globe is not showing the solution in public. Like I said, I have been using this process for a long time, and I plan to do it longer, I just need some assistance with this because I can't seem to understand how this is not working when I haven't done anything to change its settings. Is this a problem with google play store? or is this with Globe?