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    For Graphic Designers - A serious issue rising these days


      Hello everyone, I belong to a design and development category for almost 7 years and have worked with several big clients as well as renowned companies as a lead design architect. Today I have joined this community to share an advice with the newbie designers who have just stepped into the design world as we observed a serious issue rising these days, especially with the designers who work online as a freelancer.


      I recently hired a junior designer to work on a custom logo design for my client. Initially, he did well when he sent the first draft of wire-frame and my client really appreciate it too but gradually he started playing off with the work by copying ideas and more surprisingly vectors from the most top-listed free vector sites which were a shock at first and then it becomes annoying for us. I tried explaining him several times not to copy someone’s art or free work that is intended for low-quality work that lacks creativity of a designer but it seems like he never wanted to make up to it and denied, then, at last, we had to cancel the project and I get it done by another trusted designer.


      So here is an advice, don’t think of the client as a fool. Honestly speaking because these days’ customers do homework before they hire you and they know exactly where the designer has really put an effort or it is just a copy-pasted design visual. Secondly, try to enhance your own creativity and I don’t mean to visit these sites for a reference as the people who manage these websites are really amazing and creative minds but try to design something different and most importantly of your own. That’s all for today. Hope it helps in some manner.

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          I am also in favor of this statement as the freelancers are not the right persons to believe, there are several factors that hiring a freelancer on the web is not a good idea. Most of the freelancers are kids, or I say the newbies who dont have enough experience in making some beautiful designs. Similarly, freelancers lake creativity, as they all alone on their own basis, therefore, they may have some limited ideas about the designs.

          In response, we should think about hiring a Custom Logo Design Agency which is old, reputed, well known and the reliable to trust.