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      Questions please. My postpaid plan includes GoSurf 999 (10GB Special) with free Spotify and HOOQ. The plan also includes 700.00 (or 750.00, not sure) consumables.


      * Can I use the consumables to shop on Globe to get a Premium account on Spotify? If yes, how?


      * Can I use it to call other networks?


      * How about to Share-A-Load?


      * Where else can I use my consumables?


      Thank you,

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          It would be better if you also used it for other packs


          700 can ba used as follow


          499 - Unli call/text globe tm

          199 - can be spotify premium or allnet text unli 


          There are many ways you can use that consumable and makakatipid if you use it on promos (like 99 pesos for fb i just don't know how many mbs)


          Consumables can be used for other networks at regular rates though (8 mins per call or 1 peso per text) if not used for unli call/text to globe/tm then your Consumables get consumed first before you get additional charges.


          As for share-a-load, nope you can't use that. Any share a load is on top of your plan.

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            Consumable could be used for existing Globe promos, Calls and SMS from the Philippines, Local data.


            Share a load are charged ON TOP of your regular subscription.