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    GCASH AMEX online payment rejected, but GCASH account was still charged.


      GCASH AMEX payment rejected (Payment to Dreamhost via PayPal), but GCASH account was still charged even if the transaction didn't go through, I received an SMS that I paid successfully, which is weird. Transaction number is 145731601. Amount is P987.81 last August 30, 2017. I reported it to 2882, but they closed the case without telling me.


      GCASH Hotline Reference #s:

      112307349 and 112410972


      I hope I can still get my money back.


      PS: The same issue happened to me 3x last 2016, and I was able to get a refund after 6 months. I hope It won't take another 6 months for the 900 peso refund.