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    FORMAL COMPLAINT for Globe Customer Service Representatives on 211 hotline


      Good day!

      I would like to file a formal complaint for some Globe representatives working for your Customer Service Hotline 211.


      I was very upset with the service they are giving on your hotline. They are giving wrong information that will lead to improper expectation.


      My first call was made last September 2, 2017 to request to change my phone number. I've spoken with an agent named Rachel. She told me that the request have been filed and i just need to wait 24 to 48 business hours, she even provided me a case number 112352667 I patiently waited for 2 days but then my number was not changed. I called in the hotline again to seek for help and to verify what happened. I've spoken with a guy rep (i didn't catch his name) but he said that the request was declined and it's not possible for them to change my number over the phone. My initial reaction is to ask why and why did the previous representative told me that the request was already in process and i just needed to patiently wait for 2 days. I was upset and asked to speak with a higher escalation, by then i got Ms. Eve Maullon she introduce her self as one the managers of Globe Customer Care Hotline. She apologized for the misinformation given by rachel and provide the best help she can give as a Manager but then again she was not able to be of any help. She told me that she will send a new request to their back end to process my request and informed me that I have to be patient and wait for another 2 business days. She also offered to wave the Php550 processing fee because of the inconvenience I have experienced. Once again I waited for 2 days and my number is still the same. I call the hotline for the third time and ask what happen. This time the representative told me that I have to settles my unbilled charges before they can process the request. I was very frustrated and ask to speak with higher escalation again by then I got Mr. Yani Santos (one of the Managers as well of the hotline). He discussed the same information that his agent provided me. I was very upset because this was the third call I made and I keep on getting different informations and processes. I ask Yani to be transparent and tell me if they can change my  number of not. He told me it's really not possible and I need to visit the store to do the request.


      I've wasted more than 4days on waiting for my number to be changed. They could've just told me from the first call to visit the store to change my number. I've been a Globe customer for more than 2 years and this was the service I got? Globe is one of the biggest Telecom company in the Philippines and this is the service you are giving to your customers? Seems like you dont value your customers that much. You need to take necessary action about this. You will lose all your customer if your going to continue primoviding poor customer service.