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    Ho do booking of the data boosters for broadband work ?


      I use Globe broadband with fibre and at the beginning of this month I knew already that I need more data this month.
      Unfortunately my account was disabled due to payment so I had to settle this first - BUT
      Whenever I ordered a booster from the website I was notified 1 day later by text message that its not possible due to my disabled account.

      So I waited for my payment to be reflected - yeah this takes up to 5 days ....
      During this time I used up my included data volume but to my surprise even I got notified that "now" I get the cut down I still could surf with full bandwith.
      At this time I tried again to order a booster over the website AND also using the deature within the Globe at Home APP.


      But as my payment wasnt reflected I got either "Sorry..." by textmessage when I used the website - or nothing using the APP.


      Then 3 day ago my payment was processed and I immediatly tried to book again - this time with no response at all - not even the usual text message after 24 hours.
      Then since yesterday my account truly is blocked and I can just surf with about 50KB/s - but still if I try to book the add-on using the APP or the Website - all I get is the info "we received your order and will process it within the next hours" - BUT NOTHING HAPPENS



      Anyone encountered the same problem when ordering a booster ?