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    "SURFALERT ON" is being ignored on Prepaid Home WiFi


      Good day! Just bought mine the other day and the teller/cashier told me to load P55 to avail GOSRUF50 first before I could activate FREE10GB that comes with the device, and so I did. That night, I switch the device on and immediately connected my laptop and logged in to the web UI, sent "SURFALERT ON", "FREE10GB", "GOSURF50" to 8080 and has waited a long time to receive the confirmation from 8080. A long time that the the session started to deduct P5/15 minutes. Had to share load from my primary number twice and load another P50 just to be sure. I think more or less than an hour, I received confirmation from 8080 that I successfully registered to GoSurf and has activated the free 10GB, yet nothing on surfalert. Even tried using globe's online account management, still won't activate till now. "SURFALERT STATUS" works, but cannot activate it. My issue now is by the time the FREE10GB expires or has been consumed. That if I load the device, P5/15 minutes might run before I could register to any promos. Never had this issue previously as activating surfalert is the first thing I do when I bought my prepaid number and pocket wifi. My question now is that, does the sim/number provided with the device support surfalert?