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    GCash refund


      had a mobile transaction that failed and I called both Apple and GCash to process the refund. Apple was able to take care of the issue from their end with 10 days from the date of transaction (August 29). The GCash representatives are horrible. They keep asking the same questions within the same call. It is now Sept 19 and the refund is still not processed. Additionally, during a call with their customer service today, I found out that they sent me a form that "I had to fill out" to process the refund. They sent it to the wrong email address (i always spell my email phonetically when I give it to customer service). To add insult to injury, the supervisor on the line couldn't do anything about it and refused to call a manager because "it is late at night and they cannot use their cellphones to contact someone who has higher authority. This supervisor is named Clair. She refused to give her last name.


      What at I don't understand is why I have to fill out a form when Apple already did their part days ago. I am very upset and refuseto fill out a form because Globe should have contacted me about this days ago.


      Glone, you'd better get your act straight because I am currently researching on how to make thia living hell for your company