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      Hi! I was just wondering why we don't get the "30%" minimum speed pag nareach yung data cap? We're on broadband plan 1599 for 15mbps pero the speed drastically slows down (I just ran a speed test and it gave me 0.4 up and 0.53 down, which surprised me kasi it's not even close dun sa 30%).  Right now browsing is really slow, and video content is almost non-existent. I called the hotline and they just kept on telling me about how we reached the data allowance but never really explained why we get this kind of "speed", which is frustrating since I have an online job and I don't really like waiting on the hotline for a minimum of 30 mins just to get to speak to an actual person who, apparently just tells me something I don't ned to know. I understand the fair use policy and the data cap, what I don't understand is why the net speed becomes almost non-existent pag nareach namin ung limit considering the kind of plan we're subscribed to. Please help.

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          hello..alam mo po madami po nakakaranas nyan..b4 the agreement is once you reach your data limit the speed will go down to 30% of the subscriber speed BUT suddenly without prior notice, after reaching the data limit speed will become 256kbps(dial up speed po) so yun ang prob ng globe subscriber ngaun...if you call the CS of globe they'll just tell you na mag add ng boost which will cost you extra bucks..advise ko sayo is to always reset the data counter ng modem nyo every 1st day of the month so you can monitor your usage then if ever bumagal ang speed nyo check nyo agad yung counter to verify if tlagang nag exceed kna sa data limit mo..if yes na reach mo na then you have to wait na magreset ulit yung plan sa 1st day of the month BUT IF ndi mo pa nareach yung limit mo and super bagal speed mo picturan mo yung data counter para may evidence ka na ndi mo pa nare-reach yung limit mo..ang dali kc sabihin ng CS ng "AYY mam upon checking sa account nyo nareach nyo na limit nyo" ATLEAST may pang bangga ka at proof na ndi mo pa nareach yung plan mo...mabilis kc maubos ang data khit ndi ginagamit...yun lng po sana makatulong...gudluck...

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