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    spotify premium


      current plan is 1499, got spotify premium as combo, please advise how to subscribe


      Hello, everyone!


      I've read threads that have a similar issue, but none of the recommended solutions worked for me.


      On May 11, I transitioned to GoSurf 499 on my postpaid line. That should have entitled me to a free Spotify Premium account; however, I have received no text message on how to activate it, and I have no clue about the activation process.


      I have done the following things, to no avail:

      • Every time I try to manually get it from http://spotify.globe.com.ph, I get an error.
      • I've tried calling the hotline more than three times, but it seems that the frontliners are all in the dark about Spotify.
      • I've tried entering the verification code from spotify.globe.com.ph onto Spotify's own website, but no dice.
      • The Talk2Globe team has tried giving me solutions, but none have worked.
      • I have sent an e-mail to [email protected], but I have not received a response.


      What else do I need to do to activate my Spotify Premium account?