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      Hello, everyone!


      I've read threads that have a similar issue, but none of the recommended solutions worked for me.


      Am on plan 1499 and opted to go for spotify premium on my combo on my postpaid line. That should have entitled me to a free Spotify Premium account; however, I have received no text message on how to activate it, and I have no clue about the activation process.


      I have done the following things, to no avail:

      • Every time I try to manually get it from http://spotify.globe.com.ph, I get an error.
      • I've tried calling the hotline more than three times, but it seems that the frontliners are all in the dark about Spotify.
      • I've tried entering the verification code from spotify.globe.com.ph onto Spotify's own website, but no dice.
      • The Talk2Globe team has tried giving me solutions, but none have worked.
      • I have sent an e-mail to [email protected], but I have not received a response.


      What else do I need to do to activate my Spotify Premium account?