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    Problem adding broadband account


      My Globe Broadband was installed Sep 15.

      It is already Sep 23 today.  I have been trying to add my Globe Broadband account to MyAccount but up until today no luck.  I am having trouble with the verification step.  My Plan Type does not show up in the dropdown list.  So how can I successfully enroll my account if the Plan Type does not show up.

      I also tried the alternative method which is to enter the account number, last payment made, and payment mode (cash, check, etc).  Still no success.  What could it be that I am doing wrong.  I included screenshots below of what I am getting when adding an account.


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          For me it showed a 'Home Broadband' category or similar after entering the account number. The newly revamped Globe accounts site is still buggy and might be missing stuff. I had to use the Chrome browser (instead of Firefox) and clear all Globe cookies, before it would even load properly.

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            Same issue here. Just installed ours this week. I can't add my broadband account because I don't have any information regarding the required questions.

            Plan type - Doesn't match anything on my current plan (1,299 Go Big Broadband DSL Plan)

            Credit limit - What???

            Billing cut-off - How should I know???


            I hope a representative from Globe should clarify this.

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                If you call customer service 211, they should be able to help you with your credit limit and billing cut off info. However, the Plan Type is the big issue as the dropdown list does not show your Plan Type. And the only way to fill in that info is by choosing from whats available in the dropdown list.