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    Just got our broadband DSL plan installed and after 24 hours there's no internet connection


      Hi guys, need some help here.


      We just got our broadband plan installed (1,299 per month Go Big DSL) last monday and after 24 hours the internet connection is lost. I was advised by the technician not to turn off the wifi modem for 24 hours and that's what I did. However yesterday I arrived and saw that the LED light for the internet is Red. I waited for at least an hour before doing power cycle, however nothing happens.


      Now I tried to contact customer care at 730-1000 and both our landline number and account number are not recognized. This left us frustrated as we can't get through any one for assistance. I've tried the chat support and it takes them ages to respond, it also appears that they're not reading my chat messages.


      Please help guys. Any idea what I can do now? Tried accessing the modem UI via web browser and everything seemed fine. I can't get a Job order to have one of the technicians visit us because we can't get through the customer care channel in the first place as it requires us to enter our landline number (with area code) and account number, to which both are not recognized.