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    Is globe plan 1299  10mbs 100gb cap... officially terminated?


      a year ago i was offered by globe SR to upgrade my 1200 plan to plan 1299....as a loyalty reward  i am given

      10mbs with 100gb cap.. once data cap is consumed i am still guaranteed 30% ...that is 2-3 mb... i did upgrade and accept the

      the offer..which quite true to their word twas running fine...except . last 4 months ago.... my data cap was exhausted and automatically

      my speed drop to 256 even less.. i called globe about it  and upon insisting my contract that i will guaranteed 2-3mb speed....they

      fix it and speed returned to contracted... just recently thesame thing happened... but this time SR said they have to investigate it...for 48 hours.

      72 hours elapsed and internet speed was stilled pegged at 256 kbs... i followed up another SR told me investigations going on...and added there had been facility upgrade... and if i want i can avail of volume boost...(of course with added cost).... i declined insisting to stick to fulfill their obligation to the contract... what he did was termporarily gave me a free 50gb additional so i can use normally my internet until the problem is resolved.. another week followed and back to 256kbs again  .. i called  to follow up the status of my plan...and this time anothe SR told me...the plan i have is terminated already.... there has been agreement among telcos starting september alleging the 30% guaranteed speed after data cap expired is scrapped already....what the new plan is for plan 1299 is 5 mbs with 400gb allowance...  i hesitated to decide yet....