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    Issue with Globe Contractor in Cebu


      I applied for the 1299 dsl plan via a Globe contractor in our area (Cebu province). The agent only asked for a valid ID (I used my company ID) for my application with the accomplished application form. The agent said it will only take two to three hours for my application to be approved and said the connection will be installed on the same day. So yeah, two hours after, two men arrived at our house and the installation was completed within one-two hours. I was asked an upfront payment of 1299. The agent I talked to and to whom I gave my application requirements did not come back and I was not properly briefed regarding my application. I was initially amazed at how fast the connection was installed, only to find out two weeks after that my application was REJECTED, and my internet connection disconnected.


      My internet was installed August 29, and since I am working in the city, I was only able to use it during weekends. The first two weeks I was able to access the internet, so I was confident that my application had been successful. I haven't heard from the agent or any staff from the contractor ever since my internet was installed.


      On September 16 Saturday, 18 days after the installation, the agent came back to me to inform that my application was REJECTED because of issues with employment verification. I was really clueless about why it happened. My internet connection was cut and I still had pending online projects on that day. The agent said that my company refused to verify my employment because they need a letter from me authorizing them to confirm my employment. Why didn't the agent or any representative contact me earlier about this issue? Had they reached out to me earlier, I would have easily responded and done the necessary thing. On Wednesday, September 20, I submitted a letter of authority to my employer and informed them that a Globe representative will contact them in the following days to verify my employment. I also told the agent that I already submitted the letter; she said their admin will reprocess my application. One week had passed, but I haven't received any feedback from them on the status of my internet connection.


      The next Saturday, September 23, I went home from work and hurriedly checked my internet hoping it was back on track..but the connection hasn't been back. I called the contractor's office and there seemed to be a miscommunication between the agent and the admins which resulted in the disconnection of my internet. The lady I talked to said she informed the agent early on that my employment verification failed but the agent didn't relay that info to me. I informed her that I've already submitted the necessary paper to my employer. She said they will reprocess my application and will give  me feedback in two days. Up to now, I haven't received any update and still can't access the internet. I have pending online job orders, some of them I submitted late because of the disconnection.


      I hope Globe will do something about this. Can these agents be reminded that they should properly brief the subscribers on the application process? They'll promise you an "express" approval without being informed of the possible humps and bumps along the way. This is a huge disappointment. If this isn't fixed as soon as possible, I have no choice but to have my connection fully terminated.


      Few questions: Would I be entitled to a refund of the upfront payment of 1299? Will I be paying anything within the period Aug 29 - Sep 29, eventhough I haven't fully used the internet?


      Any advice on this issue will be greatly appreciated.


      Thank you.