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    My Load was Stolen!


      Hello Sir/Madam:


      Good day!


      I'm Paulino Reomero, cp# is 09067973621 (TM). I registered CA20 promo which is unlicall/text to TM/Globe last Sept. 11, 2017, 10:49pm and extend, extend, until yesterday. I texted to my TM/Globe subscriber friends regarding our fieldtrip when I received this message:

      "Naku, Ka-TM! Ang iyong unlimited texts to all networks ay may mataas at di pangkaraniwang paggamit ng text. Ang iyong mga susunod na texts ay macha-charge sa iyong ibang call promo o ibabawas sa iyong load kung wala ka ng ibang promo. Para mag-register sa ibang text promo, dial *143#.Salamat!"


      Why this is so? My unlitext is still valid since I extend it. Unlitext is UNLIMITED TEXT hindi po ba? So, kahit ilang text ang aking i-send sa TM/Globe numbers ay pwede! My load which is approximately 137php was lost! ....also my text to all networks was GONE!!! Then I load 50php @11:49AM, Sept. 26 but the same NINAKAW a few minutes later. Ganito na ba ngayon ka-swapang magnakaw ang TM? Barya-barya lamang po ito ninanakaw pa, sabagay, ang konti kapag inipon malaki na rin!


      I am looking forward for your immediate concern to this event and I hope you will investigate this matter and hoping further that my little load will be returned back.

      Thank you very much.

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          I am getting an ad from globe and this ad deducts 15 pesos from my preload, it comes more than once everyday.


          I can't stop it from coming; when I turn on my cellphone, it is already waiting for me and I can't do anything with my cellphone without first opening it.


          At the rate of 15 pesos deduction from each appearance from it, I will be losing my all my preload very quick even without using it to text and to call.


          How do I stop it and also get Globe to refund what it steals from my preload?