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    system enhancement can cause me my job


      i applied for a new home broadband and it got installed on Sep 16 after several postponement of the schedule na sure daw. the yesterday, i found oit they have a promotion of P499 for 3-month trial without lock on period for plans 1299, 1599 & 1899. just my luck, i did not get to avail this promotion. when i was applying for the plan, i told the staff on the service center that i need it to starn on my home-based job. Yesterday afternoon, Sep 29, i suddenly lost internet connection and even the landline has no dial tone so i tried to reach out through several customer service channels. the customer service hotline 730 1000 wont let me talk to a CSR because the automated system requires me to enter my phone number or account number, i tried both and checked several times but i get a response that what i entered was invalid and the call cannot proceed then the gets dropped. i am sure my account is already on the system because i have already received a bill from which i got the account number. only the facebook account has responded and gave me the below response.


      "Hi <myname>. Upon checking, we found out that we have an ongoing system enhancement within your area which, causes this experience. Our support team is already working to address this issue. We assure you that the service will normalize at the soonest possible time. Thank you."


      i should have been informed upon application that there is a planned system enhancement. these things are not done on a whim and usually takes time for approval and planning. my job is on the line here if i am unable to work even for a few days, i am just a new employee and currently in probation period.


      what are my options as i cant afford to lose internet connection for several days or i might lose my job