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    I won at Loadpanalo but didn't get any pop up message at all.


      I dropped the arrow on one of the prizes which is Huawei P9 but I didn't get any pop up message at all. I already called Globe's customer service and she advised me to just bring 2 valid I.D's and present it to the nearest Globe store which I did but then, the rep from the Globe store referred me to Xurpas. I called Xurpas but they just put me on hold after they answered the call which is terrible and no one from Xurpas talked to me at all. I also presented the actual website to the Globe rep in the Globe store which shows that the arrow is pointing to the Huawei P9. He took my phone and randomly tap the screen and he accidentally tap the spin again which just ruined my actual proof. But thankfully, I took a video of my proof prior to that incident. Here's the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZqDzBe_r1P8 kindly please check this out.