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    Netflix subscription application - Mobile phone number is not found in any Globe Telecom account


      Hello! We are using Plan 1599 15 MBPS 150GB+HQDSL with landline. We are planning to subscribe to Netflix, and we were advised by Globe to create our account to start with our subscription. We have done the initial steps to redeem our Netflix subscription, however, when we were asked to enter our mobile phone number, a message popped up saying that Netflix "couldn't find a Globe Telecom account for this phone number." When we processed our Globe Telecom account last year, the number that was registered in our account is a SMART Telecom number. The people from Globe told us that it was all right for us to give the SMART number despite applying for a Globe Broadband subscription, but we think this has affected our application to subscribe for Netflix. What do you think? We really need your help. Thank you very much!