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    change number


      Hi, it is possible to change a Globe number? we recently subscribe to a postpaid plan but to our surprised, it looks like the number was previously owned by someone.

      1. My wife keeps receiving SMS from BDO regarding loans.

      2. When I add her new number in my viber, a picture of a guy appear, we though this guy was the previous owner of the number.


      Any thoughts about this?




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          Gail .

          Hi junbeguir


          Howdy! To answer your question, yes. changing your Postpaid mobile number can be changed. However, this may incur charges. To discuss the mechanics, you may Contact Us

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            Yes. You may call the hotline 211 to request for change of mobile number. Insist that you received a recycled number from them and that they shouldn't charge you for the new number. Globe has a habit of giving recycled numbers to their customers. Some friends and I have experienced the same. We had to request several times for change of number because when we requested the first time, the new numbers they gave us were also recycled.