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      Hi Globe, i want to make an inquiry regarding my plan. my bill number 75 and 76 have been different from my previous bills. On my bill, its says i have extra usage amounting to 1800+ (bill 75) and 2100+ (bill 76).


      i know this includes call to other networks which is less than a hundred( Bill 75) and less than a hundred call to other n network (bill 76)


      The extra usage also includes share a load which is 340 (bill75) and 600 share a load (bill 76)


      This is really outrageous! i just changed my plan last June and back then, i only have 5GB allowance which I consume most of the time.


      Now that I have 16GB allowance, i think it is impossible to consume everything with the same amount of browsing time. further more, i have wifi at work and at home. paying an average on 1400 PPH for extra internet usage is not cool, I could have gotten a new plan with those amount.