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    Globe Spin Panalo is REAL?


      i have been loading my simcard frequently and most of the time i load my sim for browsing purposes
      but eveytime open a tab, another window or tab automatically opened and directs you to a new webpage where you can spin many times and have chance to win brand new phone in fact all phone images was iphone with feather wallpaper
      and of course i tried it many time just like everytime it pop up!
      i always won iphone on that specific app but seems like strange to me it doesnt allow me to screenshot the image and asked me to show it on near globe stores? why is that so?


      so i am thinking if its real or not , these second thoughts made up my mind that it might be true if its saying that it cannot be screenshot for some purposes?


      can anyone tell me or help me if globe has their records? or a possibility that we can still get our prizes?