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    Broadband LTE so slow.. Webpages don't load..


      Dear globe,

      I ordered Internet on September 5, since that time I have had nothing but problems. The Internet is too slow that it won't load the pages. I have tried to add my account in the globe my account portal. But when I try to do this, it doesn't list my package. It also asked for a credit limit, which I have no idea what that number is. I need a good reliable and sufficient Internet speed so I can perform my work as a graphic designer.. This is how I support myself, it's hard to pay for Internet when it doesn't work and I need it to work to pay all my bills including Globe. I was also promised a landline by the installer.. It also says that a landline is included with my package on the globe website. I have also tried to call and it seems busy.  If we cannot resolve the situation in a timely matter, I want my money refunded. I look forward to hearing from you