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    Unbilled Charges from Roaming




      I recently came from Japan, and I was billed 4,500+ for my unbilled charges to compensate for data charges. I used up 120 MB of data, but only under data roaming packages. I availed of the bite sized (50MB) for two days, amounting to 299 each, 600 each day  And two days od unlimited viber, 199 each, 400 each day. I have no idea why it reached that kind of amount, since I was using mainly Viber, which I was under the impression that it was unlimited.


      I don't I should have been charged that much, especially since I was operating under the assumption that it would be covered by data packs. Aside from that, they have sent a message that if I would like to continue the roaming service, I would be able to by availing of the 599 pack, and it would do so by simply staying connected. If I stayed in Japan for 4 days, it should have only amounted to 2400.


      There was also a day when they sent me a message wherein my charges were back to 0. So I assumed the bill worked. Obviously this needs some questioning. Can I talk to someone about this? Can I bring this up to the Globe center without being directed to the hotline? I need to show them the text messages they have been sending me as proof.