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    new post paid plan owner


      i just i got my pocket wifi last oct.4
      my plan is 299 per month
      but yesterday i saw s messge saying my bill is already 432 pesos
      i still dont get it..

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          A pro rated monthly service fee must have been added to align your bill with the cut-off period of your subscription. It would be best to get the details of your account when your bill statement comes or you may call customer service 7301000 for further details.

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              hi gud day..

              i just want to know where can i pay my monthly bill..

              & iwant to exactly how many mbps do i need for a 299 monthly plan per day?

              i was surprise of my bill..i thought that this plan 299 is fix..

              do have any suggestion how can i prevent myself not to exceed to my monthly

              charge of 299?


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