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    Credit card worries.


      NEED ANSWER ASAP. So here's the thing. My mom had a plan on globe for a long time so maybe as a sign of gratitude they gave her a free iphone SE. And my mom wants to give this phone to me but the thing is when she tried downloading an app(i don't know if it's something not free) it charged the payment on her credit card. So i'm just wondering that if ever she give it to me and i change the apple id and other settings will it stop charging on her credit card?

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          First of all, there's no such thing as free... Your mom paid for or is still paying for the iphone she got... it's incorporated with the bill that she's paying. If she did not avail of it then she would have extra credits for services which is usually 25% to 30% of the cost of the monthly service fee. It used to be that Globe would give bill rebates if one did not avail of any gadget but they got wiser by forcing us to subscribe to their services instead.


          For your concern, change the apple ID and/or change the billing details and remove her credit card. Be careful about these apps and just get the ones which are free.