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      Hello Globe! I just want to ask about your new policy which is 256kbps if you used your data allowance. A lot of costumers of yours including me, globe subscribers, already complained about this new policy. Could you please turn back your old policy? This 256kb of internet speed is completely useless. We already boosted our plan but still, after how many days, it'll go back to 256kb. From 15MBPS to 256kbps, what a big difference. We are just students, we need internet connection for our research and theses. 30% of 15 MBPS which is 4.5MBPS is better than that 256kb or 0.27MPBS. We can't subscribe other internet provider because of where our location is. Pls I beg you Globe internet provider.

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          Globe has been known to change its Fair use policy without prior notice. In fact they've changed it at least 5 times already in the past. Unfortunately, not enough convincing would let them reverse this unless they drastically improve their infrastructure support in order to provide more bandwidth to existing customers.