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      Been calling since may this year. But my concern only take effect this month of october. Talking Reps to manager for escalation. Til i was disconnected this month. Reason for my request for me to be updated on my payment. Last called to billing and recon dept. After i made payment sept 25. I confirmed if no disconnection on my broadband dsl. Unexpected no called or notification from IVR for my due date october first. I trust and believed what reps informed me that no interruption for the month of october. Disappointed for my request every month calling CS and wasted my time for an hour or two. Last time calling last week since my request already take effect this 24th of the month. Requesting for reconnection and will be paid full this due. But nothing happen til now no call and not knowing what my status on my request. Badly if you have no extra load from globe prepaid. We cant call for customer service. I want to stay with globe broadband dsl. But this way poor customer service by CS Reps. Same issue and concern it took very long to take effect. Started feb this year with globe but due to poor customer service. Thinking twice to transfer to different dsl line. Having Cs reps but not listening and not doing anything to help customers call. Til now no feedback on my status if will reconnect or not. Not at all. This way cant recommend to anyone if same thing will happen to anyone.