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    My Re-contracting Sorrows


      Tomorrow will be my 6th year and 4 months as a loyal subscriber of Globe.


      Last week of September I called Globe customer hotline inquiring if I will be eligible to recontract my account since it will end by October 15th.  The feedback of the agent was positive though I still need to settle my cancelled account (Globe Tattoo) so I will be able to push through my recontracting with my current plan. With the info, I called back again and asked for the details of my cancelled account and the agent advise me to pay at the Globe store for more clarifications since I told them that I haven't made use of any services of that Globe Tattoo.


      On Septemeber 30 as advised I went to the Globe store to pay for that cancelled account. The agent told me that they have a 40% discount on payment of accounts. Just like anybody else I didn't ask for further info but of course availed that discount. Right then and there the agent offered me recontracting options like plans and gadgets inclusive of it that is currently available at the Globe Store. However, the Galaxy J7 Pro that I have been wanting all through out these months is not available so she suggested for me to come back a week after or call  the hotleine for faster transactions.


      On October 1st, I called the hotline for re-contracting. The agent told me that I still have unsettled account as reflected on their system but upon informing her that I already paid 2K+ of that cancelled account she said that maybe 'twas not yet posted since it is on a Sunday and it's okay to push through the recontracting. So she processed that re-contracting and had informed me that the gadget will be available for pick up at the Globe store on October 6th.


      On October 5th I called the hotline to inquire the status of the delivery or pick up and I was so shocked and disappointed that the re-contracting was CANCELLED! I was like... whhhhaaat? Why was that so? Why I wasn't informed that there was problem on my account? Why nobody had the heck to inform me... So I was furious and in fairness to the agent he did tried to help me. Unfortunately, all he had advised me was to wait for the agent who had processed for my re-contracting the reason why???? I demanded to talk to the supervisor, but I failed.. the agent said that the least he could do is to talk to the agent (who is not around during that call) to do the reprocessing, he even offered to contact Globe store that in case there is an available gadget they will give it to me. Oh well, I slept that night heartbroken.


      On the following day I called again, and this time I demanded to talk to the supervisor. It is just so heartbreaking that I need to talk over and over again for what happened. So I always ask the agent and even the supervisor to take notations from my call so that when I'll call back again I won't be repeating the same heartbreaking story. 'Twas the supervisor who told me that the reason for my cancelled re-contracting  it was because the  agent who first processed my application has forgotten to include the reference number of my payment for my cancelled account hence it was not accepted by the QA. So admittedly he said that it was there fault and asked for apologies. He promised that he will be the one to processed my re-contracting and he will call be back for any concerns and updates on Monday (Oct 9). He even gave me his full name so if I will be able to directly ask the agent that my call be transferred to him.


      On Sunday October 8 an agent called me informing that there is no more problem with my re-contracting. That I will be able to pick up the gadget at the Globe store on Oct. 13. She told me that rest assured that all of the problems are now fixed. No reference number was given, 'twas all apologies and assurance that the agent has talked me about regarding my re-contracting.


      On Oct 11 I called the hotline asking for the status of the pick up since I was not given a reference number. The agent informed me that it has passed QA and is already for delivery. I asked again if I could picked it up my Friday and she said yes since it's the date stated on their system.


      So Friday came and from the airport at around five in the afternoon I went to the Globe store full of hope that finally I will be able to have my re-contracting gadget. But my heart broke again. The clerk just told me that they haven't received it yet and they advised me to call back the hotline to ask for the reference number. I was so disappointed that I was like why can't you check it yourself??? But of course I didn't do that ... I did what they advised me. I called the hotline...with my spirit so low and very very disappointed.....


      As the agent answered my query on the status of my delivery/pick up he told me that the status is "for delivery" and I become so furious! I repeated the question so many times and he kept on answering that it's for delivery but it's no longer at there end.... He told me that I shouldn't go to the Globe store if there is no information from the Globe store that it's there already. I was like .... nobody had told me that a globe store agent will contact me if it's already available because if only I have known I won't t be going there enduring the traffic and hassle of long lines... the conversation didn't end well for I hang up.


      Felt bad.


      If only proper information and instruction is given to me I will hardheartedly understand.


      This is really so agonizing.


      Until when should I wait?  oh.... Globe