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    Online enrollment


      I just have my Globe At Home DSL installed last October 13, 2017 just three days ago. I just got the account number last night. I think the speed is already aligned in 5mbps. I want to monitor my data usage. But whenever I try to enroll my account online, it shows invalid account number. I already tried it multiple times but to no avail.


      The Globe Customer service rep I spoke with last night assured me that I can now enroll the account online. And it is frustrating me since till now, I can't still enroll my account.

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          Are you trying to enroll your account online? If yes, may be you can try to enroll your account using the Globe at Home app. You can download it from Google Play Store for Android or Apple app store for iOS.

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              Yes I'm trying to enroll it online. I already used that Globe At Home app but the data usage is NOT UPDATING unless you switched account and enroll it again. It is also showing that I already have an amount to pay but I can't view it.


              The system can now recognize my account number, but it seems before I could verify my account. Either I make a advance payment, or use the alternative option of choosing the kind of plan I have, which is by the way, NOT ON THE LIST!



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              Same problem as mine. Does it mean that we have to wait for our next billing statement before we can proceed to the 'Verify' thing in Online Enrollment? I hope someone could help us with this.