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    I need better home network control.


      The router Globe provided with my broadband LTE plan does not give users much control. For example, I cannot control bandwidth for particular devices, etc.
      I need to be able to do this to control data usage on my chromecast device, which by default uses the highest possible resolution.

      While everyone loves HD, sometimes I am fine with lower quality if it means using less data, especially because of Globe's data plans (another topic, but there really should be unlimited plans, anyways...). And no, as much as I would like to and I am very willing to do so, I cannot just upgrade my plan to more data, because apparently it's not available in my area. Quezon City na ako nakatira nyan ah.

      So, can I connect another router to my Globe LTE router to control bandwidth?
      Or even better yet, does Globe have a router that has more control in settings? I wouldn't mind paying for a router with better controls that is also compatible with Globe LTE broadband.