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    intermittent internet connection


      there was a typhoon which hit taiwan ata or hongkong last August that was reported (in the news) to be the caused of intermittent internet connection. according to the news it will last for around 2 weeks daw before we get good connection. however, i have been experiencing intermittent connection since then until now. there was not a week that i did not call the hotline to report. i have also been visited by a technician a couple of times too. among their visit, they said that our connection in their cabinet was loose which might have been caused by another installer. if i remember right, i got this reason 2 or 3x already. anyway, all their visits result in temporary solution, meaning, within the hour, i will have intermittent connection again. please note that by intermittent, i mean i cannot get a straight 30 minutes without any internet interruption and sometimes these interruption would last for a good 15 minutes. this goes on the WHOLE DAY and for more than 2 months already. please please please do something about it. i'm tired of calling the hotline again and again and again. we choose to get this provider/plan because it is a wired connection which i believe will experience less interruption compared to a wireless one.