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    Bill Refund Request,amount of money not refunded by Globe


      Hello, I don’t know to whom i will talk with to any globe associates.Last October 5,2017 i paid my globe postpaid bill to globe online bill payment using my Bdo Credit card, the amount to pay is 2,450.00 pesos but its my mistake to input wrong amount of 24,450.00 and it was confirmed and posted before i notice it,In short i overpay them 22,000.00 pesos so right after that i called Globe customer care hotline I talked to more 10 Agents on diferrent day and time but each one of them have the same promise that they do a follow up and everything will be okay since they promise to credit it back to my credit card account. I am extremely disappointed to them why they cannot help me get back my money and return it to my credit card account. I never fail to pay my monthly bill i am a good customer but i just ask them one favor to help me process this issue and return back my overpay amount. I even talk to 2 of ther team leader but the same thing the promise me that in few days time it will be credited back to my credit card account,but why until now its almost one month from the date of my transaction nothing happen.Should i file a formal complaint now to NTC or any other authority?Anyone can help me with this issue?



      Rico L Manlangit


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          If there’s no action, I suggest you direct this complaint to NTC. Just provide NTC with necessary details about your conversation with Globe like the dates you spoke with Customer service and the reference numbers.

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            We'd think that automation and online transactions with local telco companies would be much simpler to do things but unfortunately not on reversals.


            There is a lot of red tape involved and a lot of clearances to be secured from the hierarchy of Globe that it is designed to easily receive but not easy to give.


            1. Clearance to validate that there is such a request

            2. Clearance from several levels to have it reversed specially if it reaches a big amount (like yours)

            3. Clearance to rectify corrections on globe's computer system which is handled by another department to specially if you billing transaction would already reflect your present billing statement and automatically reduce the amount from your overpayment

            4. Clearance and approval from the credit card company to reverse such charges assuming that all of the above have been done in the specified time.

            5. If not, the cycle repeats itself and the telco hopes that you will find it so cumbersome that you will just allow them to treat it as an advance payment.


            Happened to me with PLDT


            Lesson: Be very careful when transacting online specially when inputting an amount.


            Another issue with Globe's online Paybill system could be found in   Globe Paybill Fraud Potential

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                Sir, thank you for your concern and suggestions. I already did fill up the the bill refund form, confirmation and transaction record on my payment and send it back to them together with my 2 valid id’s as instructed by them. And almost everyday i called them to follow up this matter, i even ask them if i still need to send them additional documents to complete the process but they keep saying it was already on process and there’s no need for additional documents as the request for refund was already forwarded to the Bank.