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    High data usage


      Hello! We noticed that your data usage today has been really high. We're now reducing your browsing speed to maintain quality service for all Globe users. Please be guided by our acceptable terms on fair use for browsing promos, which you can read about at surf.globe.com.ph/fup. To browse at normal speeds, you can unsubscribe from your current promo by texting STOP <PROMO> to 8080. Regular browsing rates will apply. Try GoSURF50 for 1GB of surfing + freebie. Send GS50 to 8080.



      I've received that text from Globe I had Supersurf999 promo subscription then.. I texted SUPERSURF STOP and subscribed to another promo GOSURF50 to resume the browsing speed.. since my Supersurf promo is good for one month How can I resubscribe without paying again?