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    Delivery of the product


      Hi Globe. I think nobody can help me as I have contacted your facebook acct. twitter account. your globe postpaid specalist, your sales new line application, your globestore and anyone whom I can share the scenario(211, 027301000, 027301010). Everybody is just making follow up reports and cannot tell me what really happens and what will happen. I am very frustrated thinking if I should buy a new phone or will just wait for something I did not know if it will happen or not. I am always waiting for 24-48 hours call from globe after follow ups but still I have not received any call. My order has been approved October 11, 2017 yet I do not receive any updates from your team Until November 02, 2017. Hope somebody can really look into it and give me a call for feedback.


      Anybody has the same scenario? How do you dealt with it?