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    Unable to activate GCASH


      I follow the steps below

      1. Access the *143# menu.
      2. Choose GCash.
      3. Choose Activate 16-digit Card Number.

      After punching in the 16 digit card number, I received a GCASH text message saying, "

      Sorry, you have entered an incorrect card no. Please try again or call 2882 for more info."


      I repeat the steps many times, still I received the same message from GCASH. Is there any other method to activate my GCASH and connect to my USSC cash card?

        • Re: Unable to activate GCASH

          Got SMS from GCash that they will have emergency system activity on Nov 10 from 12MN to 6AM, that could be the reason for the difficulty. Have you tried the Globe GCash app? or via the GCash Facebook Messenger. You can always call 2882 hotline.


          Wrt to your USSC card, maybe not possible..you may connect PayPal and Amex