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      Good day!!  I am Jahnel dela Cruz, a globe postpaid subscriber with the account number 1018639055 and mobile number 09177959789. These past few months after re-contracting I have faced problems about their services mostly about the data usage charges. I am an individual that is very meticulous with regards of this that I monitor all the time also I work from home and we have a separate internet service provider at home so that means there is a little chance for me to use my mobile data but then again globe keeps on charging me additional to the said plan I have availed. Before re-contracting, my postpaid plan has 1.5GB data allocation then now it is increased to 4GB however after the said increased i have been charged by more that Ph1000 due to over usage of mobile data which is not right because as far as I know my usage didn't change and the reason I have increased my data allocation is to avoid the said over usage charges. I have been requesting for Balance adjustment from globe however they said that my charges are valid which I find unbelievable, I requested a detailed statement where its state the usage i have been charged of and which application or site is causing these said charges but after days of waiting I initiated another call and informed me that adjustment can't be made and statement can't be provided. Last month I have been charged more that Php1800 due to mobile data over usage and charges from their partner application due to misinformation and they didn't allow the adjustment so I had to pay everything and now they charged me too much again while the whole month of October was me complaining for their service and not even using their service due to the ongoing complaint. I have been very stressed about this and every month I have to complaint about this. When my data allocation was just 1.5GB I barely exceed my allocation however after re-contracting every month I have been charged falsely.