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    Clarification: First Billing Period and Statement


      Good day! I'd like to inquire regarding my bill. I have signed up for broadband w/ phone plan 1299 and I have paid an advance payment of P 1,299 upon installation last October 27, 2017. I just received my first bill and in the statement summary, the following was included:


      (27 Oct 2017 - 03 Nov 2017)1299 5M 300G ALL DAY YT ADSL  P 303.35 w/ Unli BB bundle P 23.00 and another
      (04 Nov 2017 - 03 Dec 2017) 1299 5M 300G ALL DAY YT ADSL P 1,159.82 w/ Unli BB Bundle P 88.39.

      Also there is an Amortized Installation Fee P 297.62. - installment (3 mos. lease to own).


      My due date is this Nov 24, 2017. I'd like to clarify the period covered in my bill. I thought I am supposed to pay for the period of Oct-Nov, but there is a month of Dec included in the bill already. Also, will the installment fee be paid again on the next billing? I hope to hear from you, Sir / Mam. Thank you so much.