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    ping 120+ globe DSL and LTE?


      Fibre is not available in my area, so fibre is away from this thread.


      I have been loyal to globe for 5 years. I have phones with them, internet and other stuff.

      My main concern is my DOTA 2 ping is 100-300+ ms. My neighbors'  ping is only 40-50 ms (he's a PLDT subscriber by the way)


      Is there something wrong with my internet? I have LTE and DSL. Still the same, high ping. Do I have to order static IP? I am willing to pay.


      I do not want to transfer to other ISP because my home address is blocked due to my Fathers unpaid them that costs PHP 15,000, well that time I was still a pussy (8 years old.)

      I noticed globe DSL has high ping in games, why is that?


      I have i7 5th gen computer. I am the ONLY one whos using the internet.


      my DSL is 10 mbps.
      my LTE is 10 mbps.


      Is there a solution to this?