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    Concern should i pay it or not?


      My father avail a 300plan /w phone for 2 years the contract already ended walang sabit(no balance) but globe still sending load without contract or whatsoever i contact them and forward my concern they accept the fact the plan was already over they told me about what would happen and manage to settle it by paying the remaining that we consume when the bill received it includes admin fee worth 550 i ask about it they insist that it is the continustion of their service and even theres no existing contract no deadlock thet still charge what the hell is this adminfee?

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          The contact you are saying is the lock-up. It means that you just can't downgrade, cut or transfer the account to another person. Hence, payment for the contract.


          When the contract ends, the service will still be continued but you can now do almost anything on it. You can ask globe to stop or renew the account for a new phone/rebates.

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            If account is already out of contract, admin fee should not be charged to your account if you'll request for termination. Please call 211 to be assisted better and clarify the admin fee. Asked for reversal if necessary.